La Bastide

La Bastide, au milieu de la nature
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L'église (XIIème siècle)
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From Molteum to La Bastide


In the hinterland, at the extreme southwest of Aspres and at the border of Conflent and Vallespir, is located the small town of La Bastide. You can get there from Amélie-les-Bains by a winding road (30 km) connecting the two valleys. Mentioned for the first time in 1009 under the name of “Molteum” (humid place, marshy), the highest town of the Aspres was once known as “Mollet”. It was then named La Bastide in 1267.


The area of La bastide is the core housing however there is a lot of scattered housing around it. From east to west many forest stand through the south to the Puig de l’Estella (1778 m). This is also the area of the old iron mines of Menerots, located not so far away from those of Batera and Pinousa.

A privileged site


Ideal place to relax or enjoy a picnic with the family, La Bastide also gives good opportunities for long walks and hikings activities.  Among the latter, the path from the old mines of Menerots and of Tower of Batère by the mountain pass of Palomera and maybe the one by the pass of Cicera to the refuge of Cortalets before going for the Canigou…


The parish church, a twelfth century Romanesque edifice dedicated to Saint-Michel, has an interesting quadrangular tower and an altarpiece of the eighteenth century.  Moreover, the town still retains some vestiges of what once was the stately castle. A little further on you will fall under the spell of the “trinity”. An hermitage of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries which the nave has one of the most stirring Christ held by churches of Roussillon. It's a priceless archaeological value.


Practical information


Population: 103 inhabitants (2007)

Ethnonym: Bastidois, Bastidoises

Zip code: 66110

Elevation: 800 meters

Position: 42° 32’ 52“ North / 2° 35’ 23“ East


City Hall - contact information

M.BAUX (Mayor)

Mme LE BARS Jocelyne (secretary)


City Hall - Opening hours

Monday 8am – 5pm

Friday 8am – 12am

Tel - +33(0)4 68 39 41 14


Main center of interest:

-          twelfth and thirteenth centuries Romanesque Church

-          Romanesque and Baroque altarpiece

-          Manerots oven and mines (open-pit iron operating)