Saint-Marsal perché sur son domaine
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Au cœur du village
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Saint-Marsal, a small medieval village

The small municipality of Saint-Marsal (19km of Amélie-les-Bains), alt.720m.) appears for the first time in Charles le Chauve's document in 869. In this period, the same territory belonged to the parish of Saint-Pierre de la Serra (municipality of Prunet and Belpuig).

Built in the XIIth century on a rock which dominates the village, the parochial church of Saint-Marsal was reshaped in the XIIIth century and completely renewed around 1950.

It is about a church with unique nave which we reached by a portal  sailed big claveaux of marble, today moved westward. The church also preserves a red marble font dated by the inscription, in Catalan: " Antoni Compta, rector de San Marsal, me ha fet 1650 " which we can translate by " Antoni Compta, Lord of Saint-Marsal, made for me in 1650 ".


A rich heritage

On the west of the village, on the said crest " El Serrat de les Fonts ", are set up two dolmens among which one still possesses its paving stone of cover. We also find in the village a former old well with snow builds in 1591 and a lime kiln of the XIIIth century.


Two hundred years before J-C, there was already a consequent exploitation of the iron ore of Batère  gone down on the municipality by a road recently highlighted, on whom we can find ruts(cart tracks) dug(accentuated) by the tanks which took the ore towards sites where it was melted. We discover six on the municipality, the most impressive of which the most mattering and are near the Mas of “Oratory”, over the village. We can moreover measure there the importance of this exploitation by thousands of scorias which are there.


Practicals informations:

The ID card of the municipality:

Population: 103 inhabitants ( 2007 )
Gentilic: Saint-Marselois, Saint-Marseloises
Zip code: 66110
Height: 720 meters
Address and Coordinates: 42°32 ' 19 " / 2°37 ' 19 " East
Contact City hall: Mrs DAGUES Marguerite (Mayor)

Opening city hall:
Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00 am till 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm