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Le clocher du cloître
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At the heart of the canton...


At the heart of Vallespir, in only 4km of Amélie les Bains, Arles on Tech (alt.228m) preserve an original face which makes it one of the sanctuaries of the traditional Catalan personality, monuments and traditions were gathered(combined).
Important Romanic city(estate), Arles on Tech invites you to discover its sunny places(squares), its medieval alleys, its beautiful houses in the wrought iron balconies and the carriage entrances, its old wash houses, the witnesses(batons) of rich historic past.

Arleson Tech is the administrative center of canton which groups (includes) 8 communes: Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda, Arles on Tech, Montferrer, Corsavy, Montbolo, Saint-Marsal, The Ancient country-house, Taulis.

Tradition and ironworks

Arleson Tech is built on a prehistoric site. There are nowadays tracks of occupation as the dolmen of the Caixa de Rotllan, set up during megalithic period towards 2500 av. J.C. The first contemporaries were the Roman, which built villas there the inhabitants of which could bathe in the natural baths, some kilometers further east (at present Amélie-les-Bains). There are also some vestiges of buildings built in this period there.

The main activity of Arles was the extraction and the treatment (processing) of the iron. Situated in the center of iron mines, most of the ore were treated in the from Arles forges, where at least in forges of the valley of Tech. This activity was for a long time the only industry of Roussillon, it started in the Roman period to become intensified near the XIIth century.

Practical information

The ID card of the municipality:

Population: 2719 inhabitants ( 2007 )
Gentilic: Arlésiens, Arlésiennes
Zip code: 66150
Height: 288 meters
Coordinates: 42 ° 27 ' 27 " the North / 2°38 ' 04 " is

Contact City hall:

M.BANTOURRE René ( mayor)
M.PALAU Ernest (added to the tourism)


Opening City hall:

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 am till 12:00 am and from 1:30 pm till 5:00 pm

Phone: 33 ( 0 ) 4 68 39 12 22
Fax: 33 ( 0 ) 4 68 39 05 66

The main center of interests:

- abbey Benedictine Saint - Marie
- natural sites as the gorges(breasts) of  la Fou, the waterfall(stunt) of Maria Valente.
- the museum of the iron.