The Tradition of Saint Jean


If, in this wonderful evening of June 23rd, you see her Majesty Canigou and her surrounding tops illuminated by gigantic foyers, are not afraid: it is Saint Jean. You will also see, in all the plain of Roussillon, this flame being religiously passed on, from hands to hands, to come to light  thousands of fires. This symbol of brotherhood is very strong in Catalan country. A little of history:

In 1955, the inhabitant of Arles François Pujade switches on, on June 23rd, a fire at the top of Canigou. He decides to renew the experience every year. 1963, will see the distribution of this flame and his preservation in Casa Païral in Perpignan. "Trobada" will be born then where every village brings its bundle of sticks at the foot of Canigou to feed the Father of Fires. The buckle is buckled. Since then, Saint Jean does not stop emigrating: Catalonia of the South, Italy, Belgium... All switch on their fires in Saint Jean in the flame of Canigou to express better the brotherhood between the peoples. On these mythical fires, on Amélie-les-Bains, is added the magnificence of a gigantic fireworks to flood with light the night of Saint Jean.