La Sardane, the Dance of the Catalans

Sung by Charles Trenet, painted by Pablo Picasso, put in music by Pablo Casals, " That it is attractive the “Sardane” which we dance, hand in hand in Catalan country. Mathematical assembly of short steps and lengths, it gathers (collects) in its round purists and fervent followers of the rich Catalan culture.


Dance of enjoyment, festive dance, symbol of the soul of a whole people, it is affectedly protected and taught the youngest, by the association " Amélie Palalda Sardane " and the Catalan Dancers of Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda who, since 1935, pay tribute in the mythical dance of Catalans on both sides of Pyrenees. One " flaviol-tambori,  “two” tibles (Prima),  two " tenoras”, two trumpets, " two" fiscorns and a double bass compose Cobla (group of musicians) which invites you to enter the round of the Sardane