Rally Vallespir


The "Rally of Vallespir” was created in 1989 by Jean-Jacques Caillis, founder of Vallespir Car-racing. Years pass and this rally is going to set of the fame. We shall name it a "weekend of hell" in Vallespir.

Supported by Amélie les-Bains's city hall since its creation, this rally reaches summits, many persons say that it is one of more beautiful rallies of the region, even the most beautiful after the criterion of Cevennes. It will take place among the biggest rallies and will be from 1999 in French championship first division. Unfortunately, a few years later, M. Caillis dies and a new team is going to be set up to organize 20 years of this magnificent event. Since then, a new team, dynamic and motivated makes a commitment so that the “Rally of Vallespir” can continue to exist.