The bullfight is not the only expression of the bullfighting tradition a tradition which exists for ages in Vallespir.

"Festibaynes" (catalanisme allying the notions "party"- festa -, of "horns"- banyes and of course of "baths" - Els banys being the Catalan name of our city), under this a little bit strange name hides the revival of the bullfighting games(sets) without killing anchored in the tradition. It is a question by no means of making of the "taureau-piscine" or other clowning, the games (sets) proposed to the public every year during the first weekend of September, are codified and pull their roots in the history of the valley and Pyrenees.

To offer a unique show, so artistic as sports, to the local teams are added every year the best teams of the speciality native of France, Spain and even Portugal. To the menu: somersaults, drilled, swallow dives and other figures of high flight over cows. This demonstration is also the opportunity (occasion) to party in the sound of "bandas" and around a good meal in the “Théâtre de Verdure” transformed for the occasion into real bullrings where only the play, the respect for the animal and the good mood are right of legitimate place.